The following will detail the conversion/restoration of this cabinet.


Okay, We're doing a two player panel here with all the trimmings!  This one is going to have a panel for accessing the computer (seen to the left), a slide out keyboard drawer and a full subwoofer system.  First to smooth the sides and get a good proper finish on this.  Monitor shelf is going to need to move to hold a 20" monitor... and hopefully it will fit in the cab!


New board, some controls, let's turn this into a game machine!  

Getting an idea where things will go and not get in the way of each other.  I'm going to pick up some plexi for this tomorrow, putty the nicks and scratches on the cabinet, and start the planning for the artwork.  When the plexi is cut I'll drill the buttons and router out the joystick, spinner and trackball areas.  Then it's a matter printing the artwork and wiring this puppy up!  



 Okay, I've got everything routed here, and you can see the plexi and the trackball mounting plate.  A bit of primer and a   hole for the trackball in the plexi, and we're on our way!    

The upper speakers and monitor are in place.  I managed to fit only a 19" monitor in there, but with the casing off it should work out well, so it looks like the new client gets a bit of a break on the quoted price :)  Full volume controls are right above the monitor.


The panel is drilled, filled, sanded and fitted. Now for a primer coat and to apply the plexi.  Photo on right shows the plexi in place missing the trackball and spinner hole.  It fits!


Oh man that marquee looks good in there, the lighting does it justice!


 I am still awaiting word on what color the sides will be, but here is the machine as I start to put the final pieces together.  I will drill the spot for the spinner today, and then assemble the panel, then the computer will be mounted into place behind the access panel, then I just need to do some wiring, install the new t-molding and work on the black monitor bezel, and get the sideart done.  Oh, and the keyboard drawer, which will be tricky, but a challenge. 




Here's the sideart and the new red t-molding.  I had the sideart prints laminated, and will attach them to the sides with spray adhesive, once I figure out the proper place for them.  Again, I used Kinko's for the sideart prints, at a cost of about $120 for the two prints.



To the left is the panel dry-fitted, and to the right is the panel installed on the base (detached from the cabinet in order to install a flip down keyboard tray) See, told ya it would look nice!





A nice collection of wires!  The Ipac is wired, and work on the opti-pac is started.  I never get the colors right on the trackball wiring, so I know I'll be swapping the things till the cursor goes where it's supposed to, but the spinner always wires up quick and easy.



Here is a shot of the under panel keyboard drawer.  This took a little time to get right, since I couldn't just cut too much material away from the front of the cab, or it might snap on moving.  As it is, it just fits, and slides nicely.  Once the primer dries I'll hit it with a coat of black and it will be near invisible to the casual observer. The drawer rails I got from a kit at Home Depot, and the drawer itself is a thin sheet of particleboard.    


Here the bezel glass is in place, and the controller is done.  I just have to finish the computer, can do a little work on the inner bezel, and it's done!  Lets get some power into this monster



The sides are done in a light grey at the new owner's request, so that it shows up well where it's going to be placed.  The sideart turned out well, and went on without a hitch with the industrial spray adhesive.  The laminate material keeps the adhesive from bleeding into the inks, and makes for a nice durable finish.  Should stand up to a bit of punishment.  The computer is built and running great, so next should be some shots of it up and running!



I got a couple of requests to see the "hidden" keyboard drawer.  Here it is with the Logitech keyboard in fit to within a millimeter!



Taaaa Daaaa!  Another beauty (if I do say so myself, and since I have no sense of modesty, I DO!) :)  Now on to the Virtua Mame Cab!!    

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