The following will detail the construction of this cabinet.


This one is going to be based on the ms pac cocktail I already have.  I will duplicate it, put in an lcd screen, do up a custom top graphic, and have it ready for christmas.

I ordered up 2 old-skool wico joysticks. I'll order a jamma harness and some buttons next.  I'll also need a coin door.  
I ordered the tempered-glass top, and picked up the furniture-grade plywood for the cabinet.  Now I need to plan out the dimensions.    
I've copied the old cabinet, and cut out most of the panels I need.  Here I have assembled the base of the cabinet, and am trying out some dark oak stain. 
Here you can see the two cabinets side by side.  You can see some of the parts, and the glass top. Now to make the control panels and start shaping the wood for the top.
I hooked up the system and gave it a dry run.  Because of the new monitor technology I can fit a bigger screen in than the original, and the picture looks fantastic!  
I cut and assembled the player 1 and 2 control panels.  Here I am figuring out the most secure way of attaching them.  You can see the exposed edges, I need to route them and pop in the new black t-molding to finish them off.
I install a 'piano' hinge along one side so the top can be flipped up for service.  I'll them attach the top.
The top with the 20" LCD installed.  This will have a graphic overtop, but I'll likely paint it black for now.  T-molding goes on the edge, and I'll have to make some clips to hold down the glass top.
Here the t-molding is done, and I've started to assemble the control panels.   
Wiring is the only tricky part at this point, I'll see if I can figure out this spaghetti mess and get everything hooked up and running!  
A quick layer of black paint on the top in place of the graphic for now, and it really starts to take shape. Still to do is the coin door and the player 2 control panel.  
Another angle.  I still need to fabricate some glass clips to keep the glass down.   
The complete control panel.  Fire buttons on either side for left or right handed play. I have some touchups to do with the stain on the exposed areas.  
Okay I have been asked this before: Where do I get the glass clips for the cocktails? Well I don't buy them, I make them!  Here is the process from a sheet of bulk steel, to nifty clips, ready for paint.

The speaker is in place, and the side 2 controls are done (red for player 1, blue for player 2  
Coin door is in, and everything is functional.  This one is going out as-is to make the Christmas deadline, since we would never get the artwork back in time.  When it comes back, I'll do the underlay graphics, and touch up all the bare wood, and maybe give the whole thing a clear coat for a bit of shine.   

 Possible underlay graphic:


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