The following will detail the conversion/restoration of this cabinet.


Started with a hacked up 'woody' cab.  Who knows, it could have been a frogger or something at one time, but I couldn't find any markings inside.  I think I'm going to try for a flight-stick oriented shooter, and I'll add a spinner for good measure.




The control panel had a million holes in it, so I'll cut this metal sheet to size, weld it in place, and then re-drill the holes I need. I'm thinking a joystick, a spinner, at least one fire button (the stick will have 2-3 buttons), player 1 and 2 buttons, and perhaps a coin button.
Just to keep it interesting, I picked up  TRON repro handles from Groovy Game Gear.  I may even go with a tron theme for the marquee, bezel and cpo underlay.
So I now have the parts I need (except t-molding) to get most of this project going: Stick, buttons, encoder and panel.

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