This section recognizes excellence in projects that just don't fit into one of the other categories, but are excellent in their own right!

The judge's comments, good and bad, are provided to allow for improvements and other points of view.  Do not take anything personally. Hey, you can't please all of the people all of the time! Congratulations to all the winners, from the judges and the fans who will benefit from your hard work and genius!

If YOU have something that you think is unique, use the e-mail link on the intro page.








Zakk: I just love the 3D aspect.  Like a casemod on steroids...or on metroids.  Looks playable too, which is a plus!
leapinlew: he cabinet shape is boring, but I'm not sure what else he could've done with it to make it more metroid like. It's very well executed. I dig the clay work for the sideart, and the artwork is really good. It all pulls together for a nice cabinet.
I'd vote yes for artwork for sure. As a mamey for misc - I'd still vote yes, just not as enthusiastically.
markrvp: Yep, I'm good either way.  Very kewl.
DrewKaree: I don't totally hate it, so I voted "Yes".  I'm the judge who's supposed to hate everything and everyONE, right? 
missioncontrol: holy crap that is awesome. Not a yes, but a hells yeah.....












Zakk: I actually voted against it, simply because I didn't know if this was the best teeny tiny mame machine I had seen to date.  I really do like the looks of it, although I fear it spends most of it's time set up to play stupid street fighter games (the machine has swappable panels). 
Stingray: This has got to be the coolest bartop ever. It gives me a digital (happy feeling in my happy place).
markrvp: I am all for this one in MISC. I agree it was the finest crafted bartop last year. All areas were covered including craftsmanship, artwork, and controls. Multiple panels that do not look like cut-and-paste parts only adds to the overall aesthetics.
DrewKaree: My vote was changed to reflect the category I think it'll win with, because I believe this deserves a MAMEY. (then he said something about chickens.  Seriously).
missioncontrol: His girlfriend is wrong that bartop is a (really nice) thing of beauty... it has brought a tear to my eye.....






JUDGE'S COMMENT(S):  RDAGGER Takes the title with his first work. There is so much to this cabinet that it didn’t fit into the “cabinet” or “control panel” category. Check out his site to see just how many cool things he put in there, including a custom light control board and rotating panel segments! Congratulations!!





Keith takes the prize for his awesome little mini’s! Very nice built from scratch units are just perfect for the mini-gamer in your house! :)




Trashcade! A surprisingly affordable do-it-yourself cabinet! See the painstaking construction by clicking the picture!




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