This section recognizes the extras that show up on cabinets from time to time.  Generally this is something that leads to a new trend in the art of cabinetry.  Special consideration will be given to ideas that are really 'off the wall'. 

The judge's comments, good and bad, are provided to allow for improvements and other points of view.  Do not take anything personally. Hey, you can't please all of the people all of the time! Congratulations to all the winners, from the judges and the fans who will benefit from your hard work and genius!

If YOU have something that you think is unique, use the e-mail link on the intro page.




Randy T's Marquee




Zakk: So take a marquee, slide in an lcd, split it and make the two parts work independently and matched to the game being played??? OUTSTANDING!
leapinlew: I voted yes, and I would like to add that this pretty much wipes out NickG's projector marquee to me.
missioncontrol: Is good, me likey.
DrewKaree:  thought Nick's was going to be the standard-bearer for a while, and although Randy's got his moments of pompous assitude, it's hard to deny he's come up with THE marquee to beat, IMO.  Yes
markrvp: I just voted yes.






Potts' cocktail masterpiece.




Zakk: is a modification on the original cocktail design, plus it's like a freaky transformer, and it's shiny.
missioncontrol: it's a sharp design, but a fingerprint nightmare.... he'll spend as much time wiping off fingerprints as playing.... but I really like the curved body.....
markrvp: I'll vote YES for MOD.   "a beautiful modification on the classic cocktail design.  It is a new, bold approach to cocktail arcade cabinet building."
DrewKaree: NOBODY does anything round because then they can't stuff it in a corner to please the wife.  This is something that's more "furniture-like" to me than a natural wood cab because it's definitely designed to be "unhideable" unless the screen drops down into the cab like I previously mentioned, in which case you'd throw a tablecloth over it and eat on a nice round table....that happens to be screaming "RON HOWARD!"**
Stingray: This thing hits a home run on a lot of levels. Do we really need to vote on this one?


** (We really never know what Drew is talking about).


Danny's rotating cabinet.



Zakk: Electric rotating monitors have been done before.  There's nothing that sets this out and apart from the rest by how I see it, however it is nice that it is done from scratch.  Still, I'd give it a thumbs down as 'best of the best'.
missioncontrol: I thought MOD was the new fangled hipster word for super frickin' cool.
markrvp: Based on that description, I think Danny's rotating monitor cocktail fits in this category quite nicely.  It would replace Ponyboy's leafswitch adapters as the top image in that category.
DrewKaree: I'm SO down with giving Danny an award for this it isn't even funny!  I like the design too, since all anyone seems willing to do is Midway-styled cabs and very few, if any, have wanted to take on the metalwork aspect of these types of cabs.  I'm picking one up from fredster, I like these kinds so much! I wish he weren't going Frenchy on us and leaving the artwork MDF-colored.
Stingray: I'm not arguing with any of this. A cocktail with an electric rotating monitor is very much deserving of a MAMEY. I'm just not sure that mod is the right catagory, but I'd be willing to run with it if that's as close as we can get

**Comments will be edited to at least a PG-13 rating :)







Zakk: These may have been around for a while, but ponyboy was first to bring them to the mainstream MAME crowd, and work on getting production pieces out.  This is exactly the kind of innovation we are looking for!


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