I SHOULD MENTION -April 12, 2009

I don't think I properly thanked saint over at www.arcadecontrols.com yet, but he stepped up to the plate when mameworld had all the troubles.  He is now hosting these highly coveted pages, even though you likely got here from another portal.  If you have never checked out the arcadecontrols website (including the unparalled arcade forums there), then you are really missing out.  Seriously, once you check in, you never check out.  Get going, and thanks thanks thanks saint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  NEW -April 12, 2009

I still haven't changed all of the links over yet, so I assume there's still lots of dead links all over the net :sigh:  I -AM- working on it...slowly. 

For now you could swing by and check out my blog (which will sort of replace this one I guess).  It's a lot more easy to update, so more likely I will post.  It kind of covers home construction, renovation, design, booze, deep thoughts and whatnot.  Check it out http://tequilaspoon.blogspot.com

I just hit the wayback machine, and checked out the site...I've been at this since at least 1999 when I got picked up by mameworld!  Not sure what my site address was before I migrated over, but here is the first wayback entry for the mameworld version of the massive mame site:  http://web.archive.org/web/20010607031849/www.mameworld.net/massive/

  FFS! -March 4, 2009

Well if you found you way back here, I'm surprised.  Mameworld took a long walk off a short pier and left quite a bit of mess in the wake.  Bear with me while I try to go through all the pages and try to find all the dead links.  Hell I see 20 just on this page alone :sigh: 

If something is gone that used to be here, let me know and I'll try and find it.   Sorry about the hassles everyone, but welcome back to a newer, faster Massive Mame site!


  Another project!  -Jan 23, 2009

Firstly, Happy New Year to all!  I finished the cocktail cabinet in time for Christmas, so that was great.  Now I've picked up a few goodies from Groovy Game Gear.  With the parts I plan to spruce up my own arcade unit, and build a new uproght shooter.  Check out the updates at the bottom of the page HERE and the new project HERE.  From there I plan to build another home bar, and figure out something in the way of a touch-screen jukebox. 


  Finally, a new project.  -Nov 5, 2008

Starting a pac-cabinet from scratch.  Check it out here.  Otherwise, I have to admit I've been busy.  I now run a rental company, and I have gone back to home design and renovations, so things are good.  I've picked up the motherboard, memory and 2 1 terabyte drives for the bar jukebox. Oh, and a new hot tub arrived, and a new addition to the family to keep me company while I work on the cabinets! :)


  The visitors, the keep a-coming  -July 31, 2008

Trying to free up some time so that I can complete 2 projects....a simple upright cabinet that can be wheeled outside in the summer for parties, and a bar-mount jukebox....that will be mounted IN the bar!  I'll post pics as I progress on it. Actually, I see down the page a bit, a picture of the hot tub, and I moved it into the bar/poolhouse/hot tub shanty:



  Where for art thou?  -April 16, 2008

Sorry everyone, I know I've been neglectful, and some have written wondering what-the-heck I've been doing.  Well I'm knee-deep in a business I've been getting off the ground for a couple of years, as well as starting a new company, AS WELL as doing my regular job as a realtor.  Add 4 kids and a wife to the mix, and you might imagine I've had my hands full.  However, along the way I have started to improve my life immeasurably.  I work a LOT, but I love what I do, and everything I work for leads to equity now.  I gave up working for income, and instead, I work for WEALTH, and allow wealth to work for me.  In seven years, I have increased my net worth 1250 percent.  That is NOT a typo.  One thousand, two hundred and fifty PERCENT.  This might sound like an advertisement, but it's not.  However, if you have similar goals in life, or just wonder if there is a better road to take, then come visit www.cashmongers.com and join the forums there.  They're free, and there's not many of us (yet!), but it's a spot to discuss lifestyle, economies, mindset, goals, etc etc.  I will warn you however, there is no such thing as quick money, so don't expect to simply get rich overnight, but focusing your mind on financial goals DOES work, and I'll share my thought on it!


  New Year, New Cabinet  -Feb 2, 2008

Check out the cabinet section for my latest complete cabinet.  I have one more empty shell in the basement, so I may just start on it right away just to get it out of the way.  In fact, I might just go work on it tonight!  About time I got some new material on here!!


  Time, she does slip by  -Nov 11, 2007

Since the last post, the pool is in, the pool house built, and the snow is coming!  However, there is now a few more items of interest:  New MAMEY judge, new MAMEY awards, and FINALLY some progress on the latest arcade.  An order is in to Ultimarc (it's been a while!) and I'm starting in on the control panel...a simple "classic" game machine.


  As before, still here!  -July 14, 2007

Well, lookie there.  Only what 4 posts since last July!  That's pathetic!  Well I HAVE been busy, we just put a pool in, and there was more work involved in that than anything else I could imagine!  At the same time I decided to buy and renovate a condo to rent, and also redo my kitchen.  In fact, there's so much on the go, I can't believe I sort of agreed to do another couple of cabinets!  Won't be for a few months, but there is definitely a chance that I'm not yet retired from this!  Zakk jr has actually been getting a lot of play time in on the cabinet I have now, and it's great to see him play 'the classics'.  I think he may get addicted to video games just like his old man! Ahhhh the pride.  For now, I leave you with a pic of the new pool (not that you care of course!)  Salutations to Sam and Tony!


  There be Blizzards here.  -March 5, 2007

Holy crap. I just cannot believe how fast life flies by!  I thought to myself "gee, I haven't updated in a couple of weeks" and damn, it's like almost 2 months!?!?

Delivered the new jukebox about a month ago.  So now there is only one project in the workshop I need to make some progress on.  Shouldn't take long once I put my mind to it, and then I might do another jukebox for my own house.  I really liked how the functionality worked on the last one, touchscreen and all... stay tuned (as always!), I'm not done yet!!!


  Games galore!  -Jan 19, 2007

Got hooked on Gears of War on my new Xbox, wow that thing is fun.  It's kind of weird to think just how far games have come since I played my first one and got hooked.  An addiction that doesn't kill you!  What luck!  I think I'll have to pull out the pocketbook to pick up some of the new titles on the horizon!

In other news, the new jukebox is FINALLY getting finished up.  I'm putting the trim and primer on tonight, after finishing up the wiring.  Looking good!


  Winter!  -Jan 3, 2007

Well, raced through fall and through Christmas.  We took a trip to Mexico, and I caught the novo virus and pneumonia.  That was pretty much it.  I am just so damn busy, seemingly every single day, that I don't get the time to devote to this site as I would like!  There's work, the kids, the endless string of renovations I seem to bring down on myself, the rental properties, blah blah blah.  I am just finishing up on the Juke, and even have Robyn cab up to the control panel stage.  So things are quiet, but steady.  New Year's greets to Deano!  Yeah, I haven't forgotten you bro! 


Fall!   -Nov 10, 2006

Wow, do I ever NOT update this page enough any more!  Well I AM working on a new jukebox project, so check it out in the projects.  It's a console juke with touchscreen, and it should be pretty cool when its done.  I've also been quite lax in checking the e-mail, so if you didn't get a response, mail again as we're into the winter months and I spend more time indoors.  I must say, this is the most lame year of updates I've had since I started this in 1999.  I spend too much time on BYOAC it seems, so find me there if you're looking!


Summer!   -July 14, 2006

The outdoor summer projects are taking up the bulk of my free time, but don't worry, there IS another cabinet in the workshop!  In other news there will be a new Mamey winner announced as soon as I get enough 'sitting' time to put the page together.  Once I replace the rotten beams that are holding my deck up most likely :)

In even OTHER news, I will shortly be nixing the mameworld e-mail.  It is functionally useless.  Hundreds of spam mails gets through to me, yet it won't let me send anything out.  I'll change the mail addy, again, when I get a few moments to do it!


Glimmer.   -May 25, 2006

Quite a few weeks later, and my wife's sister is still with us.  All the e-mails and good wishes were greatly appreciated.  It's a long road, and a lot of road bumps ahead, but considering how bleak it looked 3 weeks ago, I won't discount anything anymore. 

House arcade is done and delivered, Beast cabinet is done, and before I start on the Robyn cabinet, I am doing a bit of an overhaul on the original COTTAGE arcade.  The owner wants a dual screen setup so that the LCD tv in the cabin can show either satellite output, or output from the game machine.  I'll try and snap a photo of it back in place up north, when I take it back up this Friday.


Sad days.   -May 6, 2006

Things got a bit sidetracked, my wife's sister had a nasty reaction to a chemotherapy session, and ended up on life support last Sunday. She's a fighter, but her body has gotten so weak from the cancer (she's 36!), that the outlook is fairly grim. We continue to have hope!!  She has two little kids, so I think I'm going to make a cabinet for them.  Nothing crazy fancy, but two player 7 button, and a good computer in there should keep them happy.  All best wishes and prayers for Robyn are gladly accepted. 

In other news, the artwork for the house cabinet and the 'beast' cab are at the printer now, so next week should see the final completion of both of them, and the new cabinet should move into the shop very shortly.  I've been looking for something to do with the extra cabinets in the garage, so this is a very good opportunity to put one to good use!! 

Almost done...   -Mar 28, 2006

The new cocktail is almost (as always) done.  All that remains is the artwork, which we are deciding on right now. I've been renovating rooms in the house, and getting into the busy season at work, which takes up weekends now too, so that's been slowing me down (again as always).  In other news I got a little article up at Retroblast, might have a couple of tips for you fellers trying one of these crazy projects for the first time.  Check it out!

Outages   -Feb 21, 2006

There were some problems with Mameworld's domain, so everything was is limbo for a few days.  If you sent me an e-mail during the past few days, re-send it, it never arrived.

Work is almost complete on the House cab, computer and speakers are in, and most of the cabinet wiring is done.  I'll post some new pics soon now that we're back up.  I'd do it today, but I've been going to a new personal trainer, and damn but I AM SORE TONIGHT!  I'll do it tomorrow.  Oh and Happy Birthday to Brett!  Ya ya, I know I should call more often...


Mamey Madness 2!   -Feb 09, 2006

We've even had more changes in the Judges.  Welcome Stingray to the judging circle.  To commemorate the moment, we have been busy behind the scenes selecting new winners.  There is even some talk of getting a prize package together for "the best cabinet of the year".  Stay tuned for more, and check out the new Mamey page!  


Mamey Madness!   -Jan 31, 2006

Okay, new Judges are IN THE HOUSE!  Welcome markrvp, DrewKaree, missioncontrol and Grumley to the fray!  All are new except for Grumley and myself, so hopefully this will breath a little life into the ole Mameys!  In other news my latest cocktail cabinet is nearing completion.  Not much left to do on it! 


Let's Get Moving!   -Jan 3, 2006

Maybe I just needed a short break from the whole cab thing, since I've been right back into it lately!  The holidays were busy, but did give me some time to get a lot done on the housecab.  I'm excited to see it done, and start on the yet unnamed joustcab.  I also have a Jakks (I think they got their name from me!) handheld unit, and might just hack it into a bartop unit, we'll see.  Thanks to Matthew I now have some excellent shots of a real joust cabinet.  Hear that Edge?  I'll just make my own! :)



HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE!   -Dec 31, 2005

Ah, glad to be here for another year!  I've got some progress done on the cabinet, but nothing worth snapping a pic of, maybe later today.  In other news we have a new Mamey winner in the Sound category!  Also we'll have a couple of new judges for the Mameys joining us within a couple of weeks.  I'm going to try and find some time to revamp those pages, since they are quite popular, and I haven't given them a facelift in almost 4 years!  Check out the Mameys!


BEST WISHES   -Dec 24, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone!  My BYO project this season was my first gingerbread house.  Jeez I can see why they charge so damn much for them in the stores...they take forever to put together from scratch!!  Ah well, hopefully my monstrosity holds together until Christmas day!  So as I head to the hot tub to soak in another Christmas eve, I bid you all happy holidays. 

---Whoa, only 22 posts since last Christmas!  I've surely been slacking.  Okay, I'll have to put some more effort out this year.  Starting with the 2 new cocktails I'm working on.  I'm going to have some updates on one of them over the holidays here, so stay tuned!

Progress.   -Nov 24, 2005

Things are coming along smoothly on the "first cabinet made in a while".  While I've been working on the House cab, I also came up with a design for the next cocktail.  One much like a joust cocktails.  Here's a peek at the design to whet your whistles:

  Cottage X2.   -Nov 14, 2005

Wedding and honeymoon was fine.  Wilma destroyed our Hotel, so we went to Dominican instead.  Easy come, easy go. 

Finally some new news!  I just got a special request to make an exact copy of the Cabin' arcade cabinet!  2 years later, and the owner is still using it.  He now wants one for his basement here in town, which will probably be called HOME ARCADE  I ordered the parts from Ultimarc today, and am trying to find the old blueprint files so I can order the wood.  Should go easier this time, as long as I can remember how I did everything!!  We'll see if he wants the exact same graphics on there or not, plus it will give me an excuse to -finally- get the artwork for "the beast" cab done.  The computer will have duplicate 80 gig drives, so that if one goes flukey, the duplicate can be swapped into the primary position, and you don't have any down time (well unless something blows up).

Oh and Brett stop reading this page, you're giving me the creeps man, seriously. :)


  Still Ticking.   -Oct 19, 2005

Well last couple of days as a bachelor!  My 'wife' and I have finally decided to make it legit.  4 kids too late but ah well.  Oh and of course we booked our vacation for the 23rd of October in Cancun, Mexico.  Yes, yes, during hurricane season.  Just for kicks look up the path of hurrincane Wilma... argh.

Cab wise I know I have been -awful- quiet, but I've just been tinkering with them in my spare time.  I've added power switches and startup buttons to all of my remaining cabs, and little things like that.  If I survive the 'holiday' to eye of the hurricane, I promise to get at least one more cab project done this fall!  Honest!  I'm still thinking a dedicated jukebox would be a neat idea, but since I could stick an i-pod onto a speaker and have it sound pretty good, I think a jukebox is a bit of overkill, no?  We'll see.  "Till we meet again!"


  Whoa.   -Sept 20, 2005

Well I sold off the slot game.  It was real cool, but one of my daughters got all weird-addicted to it, which was the exact opposite to the reason that I got it (to teach them that gambling was a waste of money in the long run).   I still have 2 cabs sitting in the garage waiting for me to do something cool to them, and I know I really should.  May the happy gods grant me time to give you guys another project. 

Oh, and for the tirade below, I received a grand total of 2 e-mails about it, which is less than almost any other posting.  Still, I hope I helped those 2 people, and maybe more that I didn't hear from.

  I have found the light -Aug 13, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

I posted a note on BYOAC a short time ago, and I got a few requests for clarifications, so I thought I would reprint here what I sent as a reply.  Basically is a wee bit 'o preachin.  No, I haven't discovered the holy blessedness that is Jesus Christ (although, hey, maybe I will...but don't e-mail me about it, I don't want to be rude!).  Anyway, it sort of explains why my productivity is waaaay down on my projects: I'm just too busy building a successful life/business, and lovin every minute of it!  If you're not into personal-improvement programs, read no further, but on the odd chance that this might help someone, I thought I'd post it:

I've actually loaned the book out, and damn if I can remember the exact name, but I'm 99% sure it was called Personal Power.

It was pretty boring, and I had to force myself to read it, much less three times over. But every time I read a chapter I thought "hmmm, I never thought of that" at least once, so it was worth it.

What it basically does, in a nutshell, is teach you to set goals. In fact, you print out your goals, and post them on a wall somewhere. I laminated them and put them in the shower. My goals were something like 1) quit hospital job within 3 years 2) get out of debt 3) live in a $400,000 house 4) buy a cottage 5) drive a BMW 6) have a happy home life 7) go on a real vacation

... I'm actually onto version 2 of the list, which includes "stop and smell the roses", "$50,000 in cash in the bank", "be happy all the time" etc

So the idea is, your brain starts to accept these things as fact, and instead of consciously thinking of a way to make them come true, your brain just guides you to those goals. Like if you decide you want a certain kind of car, you all of a sudden start seeing them -everywhere-, whereas you didn't see them before, because your brain is now thinking about them unconsciously. They were always there, you just didn't see them. That's the idea of his book. You will start to see opportunities that were there, but you never thought of them.

Oddly enough, I had given up on the list after a year or so, thinking it was stupid, and I took it down. However, about 6 months ago I came across it and read it, and realized that I had reached 90% of the goals!!! The only ones I didn't have were the cottage (don't want one now), and the BMW (which I have on order). That's when it really sunk in that it worked. I mean, I knew I was doing sooo much better than I had been, but I didn't really think that I had achieved the goals that seemed like fairy tales when I wrote them down. Literally. How could I go from a hospital stock-boy to a member of standing in the community, with a 6 bedroom house, hanging out with lawyers and politicians, money in the bank, and almost no debt...all at 35! It was a long road, but it was sooooo worth it just for reading a book and sticking a piece of paper on the wall.

Sorry if this is long winded, but some of the other things that were in that book hit home too. It talked about the people who wouldn't try the system, and would mock it, but would ultimately stay stuck in the same rut. They did, and they are. I loaned the book to 3 other people at that job, and all of them returned it after only a couple of chapters. "too boring", they said. Well, they're all still at that job, complaining about the same things, and literally telling me "how lucky I am". It's weird.

It also said that if you say things like "yeah, but that's him, it wouldn't work for me", then you have already set your path to defeat.

I dunno, I really can't guarantee it would work for you, but geez, for the sake of reading a book (I've never given him a cent more than the price of a used copy of that book), and sticking a page on the wall, I think it's worth a try. All I can find on Amazon is "personal power II". I'm sure it was version one, I don't know if version 2 is any better, I might buy a copy someday, but I know the one I read is gold :)

  Enough! -July 1, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Just to let everyone know that I am not in touch with Oscar controls, and don't have any secret way of getting in touch with them.  I've received at least one e-mail a day looking for answers, and all I can say is that Kelsey is a stand-up kind of guy.  If he says he's busy, well I rather tend to believe him.  Some of the e-mails are polite, but I've got a couple that are downright nasty, and I can only imagine what kind of mails are piling up with him!


  Raving HS -June 22, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Wow, I must have got farked or something over my comments.  I'd just like to verify that the D.F. mentioned below refers to hmmm, Doug....ummm....Freeslner.  Yeah.  Doug Freeslner.  You Sleasebag Doug. 

On a serious note, I would like to clarify that I do not speak on behalf of Oscar USA.  Rumours have a way of getting started that way, and I want to let everyone know that I am only speaking my own thoughts and opinions. 

The remainder of the Oscar stock will be up on Ebay over the next couple of days.  I got WAAAAY too many people 'ignoring' the "CANADA SHIPPING ONLY" on the store page, and ordering from places like lickspank missouri.  Other than that, I'd like to thank you all for your patience, patronage and support! (I can't believe you people read this! :)  )


  Raving BS -June 12, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Many of you know about a certain sleaseball that is forcing changes to the Mame community.  In fact, it is such a change, that I don't believe that I can say "Mame community", it may have to be "Mame(tm) community".  I'm not sure what's going on, but Mamedev seems to be unsure what's going on, and the sleaseball in question is apparently buying himself approval.  Unfortunately, I do believe that there are a lot of 'influential' people in the scene that  cannot afford to pass up a bribe attempt, and I fear that it will hurt the community quite badly.  So to that end it looks like there will be some changes.  I will probably not be offering Oscar Controls products much longer, since that could be seen as "profiting" off the scene.  What stock I have left will be sold off in the next couple of weeks.  Oscar USA might also be closing for an indefinite period, as stated on their website.  I will be going back to purely enjoying this for what it should be: a hobby.

One thing is for sure, I'm 99% positive I make more money per year than D.F. does, so you can sleep easier knowing I will never be bribed! :)  Does he want to bribe me?  Probably not, but it makes me feel better.  Now I'm off to play the new demo of BF2 that just downloaded.  See you all on the battlefield!


  Blog? -May 23, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Greets go out to Pete, Chris, J-rok and Drewkaree and of course Dean (cuz I know he's still checking out this page even though I don't update enough!!) :)  Here's the pic of the new slot, which has turned out to be a big hit with everyone, even though I need to get more tokens for it!  Turns out this silly rambling I've been doing since 1999 is now called a blog.  Ah well, so be it :)  Welcome to Zakk's blog (previously known as news pile!) :)  It's been a long damn time since I did a new project, and I swear I will start one soon, and give everyone a reason to check back!!


  Sameole -May 10, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Picked up my Pachislo game today, it's actually a lot of fun.  I'll have a pic a little later.  Now I just have to figure out if getting the kids hooked on gambling machines is wrong! :)


  Backorder (again) -May 7, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

V2's are on backorder again, although Vortex's are still in stock. I can't believe the demand for the new spinners!!   What's new...let's see... I have put a deposit on a slot machine for the gameroom that should be delivered any day now, and I am still knee-deep in the tank construction, although it is coming along quite well.  My apologies to any emails I haven't replied to yet, I've (as always) been busy with work. 

  Backorders -April 11, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

All of the Backorders have been sent, so anyone awaiting a spinner should get it very soon.  Everything is back in stock, although I am running low on the 'natural' finish engraved knobs.  Sorry again for the delay in getting caught up on the orders. 


  Time marches on -April 8, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

So you may wonder what projects are -actually- making any progress?  Well, there are 3 on the go, but none are arcade related.  I am redesigning a living room, a complete backyard, and building up the fishtank.  It's taking all my free time reworking this house. I feel bad about not having more cab updates, so I fill in these bits with snippits of "what I'm doing now" kinda stuff.

In other news, Mame now has a new license agreement that anyone building a cab should read over, and newer Golden Tee's have been added, which are actually pretty fun. 

  Snags -March 29, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Easter has taken its toll on the mail it seems, the replenishment order from Oscar USA is running a bit late, so there are a few backorders piling up for the USB interfaces.  They -should- have been here Monday, but now I'm being told Wed.  My apologies to anyone still waiting. 

Hoi! -Mar 21, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

All of the snow looks to be melting out there, and I will soon be able to move another cab into the new shop.  Ya ya, I say that all the time, but for real this time.  I've been in Law classes for the past while which has kept me busy, but three more weeks and I'm free :)  First will be a smaller single player cab for myself.  I have decided on one that will play most of the non-simultaneous games.  So there will be a spinner, trackball, tron-style stick and a wico leafswitch.  Perfect for the games I play.  The model is in the design stage, and I will do a mockup as soon as I get the dongle for 3Dmax working.  In other news, Mame now emulates Golden Tee, and while I never cared much for the game (it's golf!), I know it has a lot of people excited.


Ouch! -Mar 3, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Ahem, well glad that hangover is gone! :)  Well let's see, what has been happening... There will be a new Mamey winner tonight in the cocktail category.  Ive been stuck in law classes lately, which may explain my lack of updates, but then again maybe not!  I'm on the prowl for new pinball games, but haven't found any spiffy good ones (missed out on a star wars at the last auction...).  Elsewhere my first crop of homemade liverock is curing in a bin in the garage, right up against the two arcade machines crying for an upgrade.  I GOTTA get at them soon, although I really would like to do a dedicated jukebox...things to do things to do...


Who's been drinking? -Mar 2, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Helllo people. Oh and a healthy F@CK YOU out to Dave Foley at Ultracade.  A little harsh, but hey, you know you deserve it.  My apologies to all of the family viewers out there, but that phrase came from my 6 year old, so there you go.  That's all there is for updates...there are a couple of new pics up on the "BEAST" cab page, but damn, I'm too drunk on $500 Mexican tequila right now to figure out how to link it, so go search yerself :)  Oh, an then buy a Vortex, it's good Karma for the soul.  Seriously.


Finally! -Feb 06, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

A couple of tidbits!  First, a new Spinner from Oscar has been released, and of course that has me all excited!  I'll be installing one onto a cabinet as soon as I get one.  Secondly I finally finished the Defender cab.  That took forever!  However, totally worth it since it's a hell of a lot of fun.  I can see why I never got good at it in the arcades, it would have cost me a fortune!  So now my cabinets are all done, time to start a new one?



There has been a couple of updates to the frontend menu loader.  My friend Joao has made a bug fix and a new html version.  I haven't been able to fully test it due to lack of time, but I've held off on posting it long enough.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to use the contact info on the page. Check it out HERE.


Finally! -Jan16, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Got the 'Beast' done, and logged a few hours on it this weekend.  Well more like a few minutes.  I'll do some serious playing and testing this week I have promised myself :)  Check it out in the cab section.  Also in other news two new Mamey's have been awarded by the judges.  Check out the new winner in the EVERYTHING ELSE category and the SOUND cat!  Congrats to all!


Welcome to 2005! -Jan12, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Hoped to have more cab updates ready, but while I've created a custom metal bracket to mount the 21" monitor, I haven't mounted it in the cab.  As soon as my living room is painted, I'll plunk that in.  Promise :)


  Happy New Year! -Jan1, 2005   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

New Year's greetings to everyone.  My new year's resolution is to be able to play all the cabs in my arcade SOOOON.  Dammit.  Good resolution if I do say so.


  Merry Christmas! -Dec 24, 2004   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

All I wanted for Christmas eve was to flake out for a couple of hours in the hot tub!  As you can see below I even had to dig that out of a snowdrift!  Ah well, the stockings are set by the chimney, er and all that crap.  Time now for wife wine and Tub soaking.  Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!


  Clock is Ticking -Dec 23, 2004   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Well, we got about 3-4 feet of snow here yesterday (!!!), so I've been busy cursing and shoveling.  The DHL guy did a delivery anyway, and while I was expecting a minipac, lo and behold I got an ArcadeVGA card, an Xbox interface and a couple of nice switchable joysticks.  Unfortunately, Andy at Ultimarc is waaaay too nice a guy to rip off so I actually admitted to the goof up :)  Sure is tempting to try and wire up one of the monitors I have in the garage to the mame machine and try out that card and maybe just pay for it and save shipping it back...decisions decisions.  Ah well, I'll think about it while soaking in the hot tub and nursing my sore muscles.  Damn damn snow.  Ah well, snowboarding tomorrow should make up for it!  Oh, and in case I don't add to this dy the 25th, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!


  It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas -Dec 18, 2004   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

Here's a pic of the Mspac cocktail.  I set it into a little alcove at the bottom of the stairs in the basement.  Now I just need a couple of chairs for there and it's perfect!  Defender cabinet is finally done, and Vortex's are back in stock.  Now to put up a wall and also work on that goldenaxe cab.  All it needs is the monitor and computer and it's done, so I really should stop putting it off, eh?


  A Room With a View -Dec 6, 2004   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

The new house is a blast!  I took a few shots: The layout for the new bar/arcade, the back side of the house, and the view looking down over our little part of the city from the deck.  Lots of work ahead of me to get that bar ready, but it's all fun! It will fairly closely match the setup that I did in 3DMax (Oct news item below), but I might have to sell off the big mame machine and build a smaller version for in there.



  Startup -Dec 1, 2004   EMAIL A NEWS ITEM

I'm in the new place, and internet has been connected, but of course my e-mail addy was linked to my old high speed account, so I'll see if I can get that address back, but for now e-mail may be bouncing back.  Growing pains!!





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